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The CMC 83 Arbor Lift

Meet the newest addition to our company. This Arbor lift changes the game! It was built especially for the tree service industry and is a heavy duty, quality machine. It can fit in most residential backyards and does not damage or destroy lawns or property. Now, tackling the tallest trees has just gotten so much easier and not to mention, so much safer.

I do still enjoy the challenges of climbing/rigging a tree for trimming and removal, but the CMC Lift saves everyone time, money, and peace of mind. Come see us in action as we gracefully remove a tree from top branch to the ground!

Discover our state-of-the-art equipment for removing and trimming trees.
The CMC 83 Arbor Lift

Now, tree trimming and removal just got easier and safer with our new CMC Arbor Lift.
Removing this tall tree with our Arbor Lift.

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