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Tree Service Price Insights On Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

When it comes to tree projects, nothing is very routine. This is because every job, tree, and work space is different. So, when some customers call wanting to know a service price via telephone without a visit to the property, we usually tell them we can provide a starting point amount but that will most likely change once we see the site for ourselves. We understand that some people just want to hear a figure to know whether they should proceed, but this is why we offer free quotes and no obligation.

One of our tree technicians must physically see the work space to take accurate tree measurements. They also inspect the layout of the property and check the accessibility to see if our machinery will fit. The tech looks for obstructions, hazards, and anything that needs to be protected on the client's property.

Then, there are important questions such as: What does the canopy and the crown of the tree look like? Are there limbs hanging over the roof? How far will the crew need to bring the limbs to the chipper parked in the street? Do we need to protect the sod, flower beds, pool, etc.? More things to consider are fences, gates, power lines, poison ivy, bee nests, the neighbor's property, cars, and street access.

Removal Vs. Trimming

Another component of pricing is the type of service: tree removal versus tree trimming. The two jobs do not compare. Believe it or not, many removal jobs are easier than trimming and pruning. The reason is that when pruning a tree, the arborist must be very explicit on which limbs to cut, where to cut them, and how much to cut off. They must keep the health of the tree in mind. With tree removal, there is no risk of hurting the tree. The approach is vastly different and there is no need to be fastidious when cutting branches off. The caution switches to bringing down limbs safely while avoiding any damage to the property below.

What We Can Do For You Every Time

When you do call, we can listen to your concerns, gather as much information from you, and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable tree technicians. We will show up uniformed and ready to evaluate your trees. Our quotes are sent usually the same day, along with our proof of insurance for your peace of mind. Once the estimate is approved, we have easy scheduling on a day that works for you.

Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal Today!

We know you have options when it comes to your tree service and removal needs. Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal is family-owned and operated and has served Lewisville and surrounding areas. More importantly, we have the equipment, experience, and technical know-how to safely and efficiently handle any tree and residential or commercial scenario — from a downed tree in the middle of a storm to trimming a few branches, stump grinding, and removing trees that tower 83 feet in the air.

There isn’t a tree in Lewisville that we can’t handle. Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!

This is our Clean Edge Tree Service Crew

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