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Lewisville's Top Emergency Tree Removal Service

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It can be a stressful and confusing time when a tree falls on your property in the middle of the night. Naturally, you want the damage controlled and the tree taken care of right away, so you need a tree service professional who knows how to do it safely without worsening the situation. The problem is that many homeowners aren’t sure who to call after such a catastrophe, and waiting until daylight isn’t always an option. This is where Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, is unlike any other tree service professional in the area. When we say we offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service, we mean it. Call us at midnight, 2 a.m., or even 4 a.m., and you’re guaranteed to speak to a live tree service professional prepared to tackle your emergency at a moment’s notice and restore your peace of mind.  


Factors that can lead to an emergency tree service need include but aren’t limited to the following:

 - Decayed, uprooted trees      

 - Flooding

 - Land clearing mishaps        

 - Drought                                           

 - Disease and insects                                                                      

 - Inclement weather (wind, rain, heavy ice and snow, etc.)

Day or night, rain or shine, and no matter the calamity, Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal strives to take action immediately. Upon arrival at your Lewisville home, our crew will quickly assess the situation and begin strategizing the best solution to the issue at hand. While we would love to move quickly, cutting the wrong limb or attempting to manually move the tree without bracing it first or considering additional equipment can lead to additional damage and possible injury. This is especially true when the tree is lying atop your roofline, in the middle of your driveway, or on top of a nearby car or structure. Once we’ve created a plan of attack, we’ll get to work and do everything we can to resolve the issue with the utmost care.


Our owner, Henry, is your emergency response leader. Give him at call day or night when you have an urgent tree matter. 


Call and Text

Call us first. Then send a text message to the same number with your name, address, and as many details as possible about the situation, property and necessary access points we may need to know to efficiently help you.

Assess the Situation

While you wait for us to arrive (trust won’t be long before we’re there), assess the situation without putting yourself in harm’s way. This includes observing the location of the tree or limb on your property and the immediate threat it is causing.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of the tree or limb as well as the surrounding area. Text those pictures to us so that we can get a better idea of what we’re dealing with before we get there. This will help us come up with a plan and determine which equipment we’ll use.


It's essential to act quickly when a tree falls and damages your property. That’s why we offer a 24-Hour Emergency Tree Service to ensure your safe- ty and minimize further damage. Our experienced crew will assess the situation and provide an upfront estimate before we begin working on the problem. Whether it’s storm damage, drought, or disease, we have the expertise to handle any tree-related emergency.


What is considered a true tree emergency?

If a tree or large limb has fallen on your home, garage, car, driveway, or other structure and is causing obstruction that needs immediate attention, this is an emergency. Also, if a tree has caused punctures to your roof and rain or snow is falling through, we consider this a tree emergency.

Are you really available 24/7 for emergencies?

YES! Call and text our cell phone number and we will answer. During inclement weather, we stay on-call and have a technician alert and ready to respond.

Do you offer storm clean-up services?  

After bad weather hits and the daylight exposes the mess left behind, give Clean Edge Tree Service and call and we can come out with our high grade equipment to help homeowners haul away any heavy debris that has fallen on their property.

What is your response time for an emergency?

Once the call comes through, we can be on site and working on the emergency within 45 minutes to an hour depending on your location.

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