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Tree Trimming Services in Lewisville

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Trimming and pruning your trees is vital to maintaining healthy growth and allowing your trees to flourish year-round. Not to mention, healthy growth decorates the outside of your home and gives your yard a stately presence that speaks to your attention to detail, style, and tastes. We know you love your trees, so we approach our tree pruning services with the utmost care and respect — as if your trees were our own.

Trees are like children. They need regular attention, love, and plenty of guidance to grow healthy and strong. If neglected for too long, they will grow hazardous and create issues for your property. Overgrowth can cause various unhealthy conditions for your tree’s roots and limbs, including the potential for disease, bug infestation, and a shortened lifespan. That said, proper tree care includes being mindful of which limbs to cut, how and where to cut, and what time of year is best for tree pruning.


In Texas, March through May is generally considered the peak growing season. This is when your trees have the best opportunity to leaf out, turn green, and take in as many nutrients as possible before the temperatures shift too dramatically during the summer and again as we approach winter. As you can imagine, any tree pruning during this stretch can be costly.


Canopy Thinning:

Thinning out the tree’s canopy reduces density and allows more light penetration and airflow. This keeps the tree growing healthier and more durable as it reduces weight.

Tip Reduction:

This involves the careful selection of removing roughly 20% of the branches at the top of the tree. A reduction is performed to control the size and shape of the tree, restoring its beauty while maintaining its overall health.

Crown Raising:

Removing branches from the lower portion of the tree creates clearance for walkways, parking vehicles, and landscape structures.


Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, is committed to prolonging the health and life of every tree in Lewisville, Flower Mound, and beyond. As with our other services, we offer a free estimate and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can depend on our commitment to quality and mission to partner with you for all your tree maintenance needs.



When is the best time to prune trees?

Although, it depends on the type of tree, the rule of thumb is to prune trees between late Summer/early Fall through early Spring, before new growth begins.

When should I have dead branches trimmed from my trees?

Any branch or limb that is dead should be cut off right away. This is to avoid a potential hazard to your property, pedestrians, or vehicles it may come into contact with if it broke and fell.

What does Crown Thinning do for my trees?

Crown thinning is very popular for North Texas trees. This reduces the weight of the tree and makes it safer during storms. This also increases air flow which prevents growth of fungus and other diseases, and allows more sunlight through to the inner canopy and lawn.

Why is tree trimming so important?

Not only does tree trimming give your home curb appeal, but it also keeps your (and your neighbor's) property safe and healthy. Trees that are growing too closely to power lines or other structures could cause potential issues down the road if not maintained. Routine tree trimming helps establish a healthful limb structure that promotes longevity which will continue adding value to your property for years to come.

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