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It OnlyTakes A Mild Windstorm To Cause An Emergency Tree Removal.

Springtime is known for new life and new beginnings, where the world revives after winter's cold and dark months. Here in North Texas as we all know, Springtime is also when inclement weather strikes fast and fierce! We actually received a small sample of it on March 14th! Hail the size of baseballs and heavy rain hit parts of Denton County hard! Several trees came down and others were uprooted with so much saturation in such a short amount of time.

We have seen a number of tree emergencies in the many years in business. Some could have been prevented, while others were just unfortunate fate. But, for many of the trees we have taken off a roof, a fence, car, shed, garage, pergola, etc., the signs were there. Take some time to walk your property and inspect your trees, especially lower hanging limbs and ones that are growing toward or over your roofline.

It really does take just a swift windstorm to blow through and knock down a bunch of Bradford Pear trees. So, make sure that trees receive a good pruning to reduce the weight. Crown thinning and reduction can help lessen top-heavy trees and help withstand wind. And, anything dead or severely diseased should be considered for complete removal.

At Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal, we can help keep your property safe and secure. Give us a call for a free assessment and estimate on trimming, removal and stump grinding. We are also available 24/7 if you find yourself in an emergency tree removal situation. We stay on-call when inclement weather hits! We can give you peace of mind! Call today - 972-689-5102!

Emergency tree removal due to Spring storms

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