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Is Your Homeowner’s Association On Your Case About Your Trees? Get Tree Service!

We’ve been blessed with some pretty decent weather lately, so your homeowner’s association will likely be making the rounds in the neighborhood soon to ensure your property is in tip-top shape for spring and summer. If not, they will quickly fill out a nastygram and stick it in your mailbox with a deadline date. That could mean everything from mowing the grass to getting rid of weeds and dead plants, fixing fences, and … yes … getting your trees pruned or removed.

It’s likely been a long time since you’ve thought about those trees. After all, they’ve been such a fantastic focal point for all these years. But now you’ve blinked, and that well-maintained tree is overgrown and needs some extra TLC. In some cases, homeowners may have trees that couldn’t survive the winter and need to be removed sooner rather than later.

Is your homeowner’s association on your case? Our team at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, can help:

  • Tree pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Stump grinding

  • Emergency tree service

  • Storm removal and clean-up

  • And so much more … 

Sometimes, All Your HOA Wants You To Do Is Some Simple Pruning

Trimming and pruning your trees is important to maintaining healthy growth and allowing them to flourish. In many ways, trees are like children. They need routine attention and guidance to grow healthy and strong. If neglected for too long, limbs can decay and snap off, and the tree will become hazardous and create issues for your property.

Signs that your trees need to be trimmed and pruned include any of the following:

  • Neighbors have to duck or crouch down to miss branches near the sidewalk.

  • Trash collectors struggle to move their trucks past bigger trees, causing them to scrape against or damage limbs.

  • Your trees are now invading a neighbor’s yard.

  • Overgrown trees that detract from the stateliness of the neighborhood as a whole.

  • You received a warning letter from your HOA.

The bottom line is that proper tree care includes being mindful of which limbs to cut, how to cut them, and where to cut them. Our certified arborists know trees and can recommend the following techniques if your HOA is on your case about your trees.

Canopy Thinning:

Thinning out the tree's canopy reduces density and allows more light penetration and airflow. This keeps the tree growing healthier and more durable as it reduces weight.  

Tip Reduction:

This involves the careful selection of removing roughly 20% of the branches at the top of the tree. A reduction is performed to control the size and shape of the tree, restoring its beauty while maintaining its overall health.  

Crown Raising:

Removing branches from the lower portion of the tree creates clearance for walkways, parking vehicles, and landscape structures.

Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal Today!

Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, has served North Texas since 2016. More importantly, we have the equipment and experience to handle any tree needs safely and efficiently. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today!

There isn’t a tree in Lewisville that we can’t handle. Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!

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