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Tree Pruning Is a Science and Must Be Done Professionally.

There’s a Science to Tree Pruning: Why Over-Pruning Can Shock Your Tree:

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to over-prune their trees, whether they do it themselves by accident or hire an overzealous tree service professional to do it for them. Just last week, a good client of ours pointed to 12 or 13 sizable branches he wanted removed from a 30-foot-tall oak tree in his front yard so that the grass below it could get more sun and thrive. In some ways, he was right — there was way too much shade. But as we gently explained to him, there’s a science to tree pruning.

If you prune sparingly, you’re wasting your time. Conversely, cutting off too much or scalping it can shock your tree and cause it to die.

Why Can Over-Pruning Shock Your Tree?

Regular tree pruning is vital to maintaining healthy growth and allowing trees to flourish year-round. If neglected for too long, they could become hazardous to you and create issues for your property. Overgrowth can cause various unhealthy conditions for your tree’s roots and limbs, including the potential for disease, bug infestation, and a shortened lifespan. 

Knowing this, the tendency is to keep them over-pruned. But this tactic can prove equally as dangerous.

For starters, you risk shocking the tree. Most people — and even a few tree service guys out there — don’t realize that trees respond positively and negatively to the cuts you make, thus making it even more important to know which limbs to cut, how and where to cut, and what time of year is best for tree pruning. Excessive pruning (or cutting off too much) can overwhelm the tree, make it more challenging to recover, and open the door to a variety of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Disease, pests, and environmental stressors

  • Limiting essential nutrients the tree needs to survive

  • Reducing the tree’s ability to produce food

  • Increased water loss, which can lead to dehydration and stress

  • An imbalanced or poorly shaped tree

  • Structural weaknesses 

How Can Hiring Clean Edge Help?

Naturally, hiring a tree service professional to handle things like tree pruning and tree trimming is a safe and obvious choice for many homeowners. But that doesn’t mean every tree guy knows there’s a science to tree pruning. Your friends at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville adhere to the general rule of thumb that you should never remove more than 25 to 30% of the entire tree in a year. More often than not, homeowners mistakenly cut off more than what they should and cause over-pruning.

Types of tree pruning services we offer include:

  1. Canopy thinning — Allows more light penetration and airflow while reducing overall weight.

  2. Tip reduction — Removing branches at the top of the tree. 

  3. Crown thinning — Removing branches from the lower portion to create clearance for walkways, parkways, and landscapes. 

Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal Today!

Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, has served North Texas since 2016. More importantly, we have the equipment and experience to handle any tree needs safely and efficiently. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today!

There isn’t a tree in Lewisville that we can’t handle. Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!

Tree Pruning is a science and should be done professionally
Using the Arbor Lift to Prune this large tree

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