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Tree Maintenance is Essential!

Trees are beautiful and add value to your property. Well-groomed trees will bring you decades of charm, shade, and curb appeal. But, the key is that you must stay on top of their maintenance to avoid potential issues that no homeowner wants or should have to deal with. We see it over and over again because we usually get called out to help a homeowner after an unwanted. situation has occurred. Things like:

  • Root rot after heavy rain, leading to a falling tree

  • Dead branches breaking off and falling on fences, rooftops, and the neighbor's yard

  • North Texas' unpredictable wind storms taking trees, like Bradford Pears down easily

  • Diseased trees with fungus that cause the tree to weaken and become unstable

All of these scenarios are a real danger and can be prevented if a proactive approach would have been taken. When you call a professional, like Clean Edge, out for tree service, we inspect the property and look for potential hazards. We can detect damaged, distressed, and diseased trees that could pose a future threat. We can offer our professional advice and give you options that will keep your property safe and secure.

The best way to keep your trees healthy and safe is to have them pruned on a regular basis. Prolonging tree service may cost you more in the long run! Avoid any issues by calling Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal for a free diagnostic and quote on any tree care that you need!

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