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Prevent Tree Damage Caused by Wind!

Let's talk about Crown Thinning. This year, we probably did more of this pruning type than any other. The reason being, stormy weather and dying sod. Even though our area has been in a drought and storms were few and far between, the wind can still cause wreckage to our North Texas trees. Many trees receive extensive damage in even a moderate wind storm because they are too top-heavy. A thinner top permits more air to pass through allowing the tree to be more resistant to storms.

Once a tree takes a beating and is considerably damaged, the chances that it will thrive diminish and it’s only a matter of time before the tree completely fails. When I can easily diagnose this, I always tell my clients, it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”. Performing crown thinning reduces the weight of heavier limbs and reduces drag caused by the wind. This alone makes a tree more sustainable in our crazy and unpredictable Texas weather.

Another popular reason for crown thinning is to remove branches and limbs to allow sunlight to pass through to the midsection of the tree and to the sod underneath. Many homeowners take pride in their nicely manicured lawns. Parents want their children to have a soft and cushiony yard to play in. When trees block the much needed sunlight trying to reach the ground, grass begins to dry up and die making the lawn look tired, brown, and not very inviting. Crown thinning opens up the tree to generate more light penetration so grass can grow. This also helps improve the airflow within the tree which aids in keeping fungus and diseases away!

Crown thinning is a great way to maintain the health and beauty of your trees without altering the naturalness or aesthetics of your landscape. Give Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal a call for a free quote on crown thinning or any other services we offer!

These trees fell in Robson Ranch during a mild storm that swept through September on 20, 2023.

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