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Is There a Specific Time of Year for tree pruning?

If there’s one time of year we get the most calls about tree pruning, it’s between March and May. And it’s easy to see why — the weather is starting to warm up a bit after the winter, and it just feels like the right time to do a little pruning. The reality, however, is that it is still way too early. If this shocks you, perhaps you’re wondering, “Is there a specific time of year to prune my trees?” 

As far as we’re concerned at Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, the best window in our opinion is between June 1 and Valentine’s Day. Will that honesty cost us an opportunity to make money year-round? Yes. But we care about your tree’s health.

Tree Pruning Is Best During Non-Growing Seasons

In Texas, March through May is generally considered peak growing season. This is when your trees have the best opportunity to leaf out, turn green, and take in as much nutrients as possible before the temperatures shift too dramatically during the summer and again as we approach winter. As you can imagine, any tree pruning done during this stretch can do any of the following:

  • Stunt the tree’s growth

  • Make it vulnerable to excessive temperature shifts

  • Lead to bug infestation (the more cuts you make, the worse this gets)

  • Potential for disease

  • A shortened lifespan

Don’t get us wrong; trimming and pruning your trees is an important aspect of maintaining healthy growth and allows the trees to flourish. In many ways, trees are like children. They need routine attention and guidance to grow healthy and strong. If left neglected for too long, limbs can decay and snap off, and the tree will become hazardous and create issues for your property.

But proper tree care includes being mindful of which limbs to cut, how and where to cut, and what time of year is best for tree pruning.

So do yourself and your trees a favor … wait until at least June 1 to start calling us. We’ll be here and ready when you do!

What Types of Tree Services Are Available During the Non-Growing Season? 

Canopy Thinning:

Thinning out the canopy of the tree reduces density and allows more light penetration and air flow. This keeps the tree growing healthier while keeping it more durable as it reduces the weight.  

Tip Reduction:

This involves the careful selection of removing roughly 20% of the branches at the top of the tree. A reduction is performed to control the size and shape of the tree, restoring its beauty while maintaining its overall health.  

Crown Raising:

Removing branches from the lower portion of the tree creates clearance for walkways, parking vehicles, and landscape structures.

Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX Today!

Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal in Lewisville, TX, has served North Texas since 2016. More importantly, we have the equipment and experience to handle any tree needs safely and efficiently. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today!

There isn’t a tree in Lewisville that we can’t handle. Call Clean Edge Tree Service & Removal today!

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